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Pumphreys Coffee

Earl Grey

£6.00 - £96.00
Only the finest premium Earl Grey tea! Loose-leaf Earl Grey tea is one of our most popular teas but is also well known throughout the world. Earl Grey tea was named after the 2nd Earl Grey who is...

English Breakfast China

£5.25 - £84.00
A well-known and popular Fukien Congou black tea, refreshing pick-me-up, not as full bodied as the Indian English Breakfast Blend. Best without milk. Preparation: Use...

English Breakfast Indian

£5.25 - £84.00
A traditional full, rich, robust blend of Indian, Ceylon and Kenya Teas great with a hearty English Breakfast Blended to be good with milk. Preparation: Use approximately 1...

Espresso Crema

£8.25 - £132.00
Our Espresso Crema blend: for billowing crema with a velvety body! n.b Some 'Bean to Cup' machines may be designed in a way that oiler beans are not recommended for use, please check machine manuals...

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

£10.00 - £160.00
Fine Ethiopian Yirgacheffe whole bean coffee Ethiopia is not only the largest coffee producer in Africa, but it also has the largest domestic consumption on the continent too. This developed...

Fair Trade Brazilian

£8.50 - £136.00
Fairtrade Brazilian Coffee at its best! A versatile Brazilian coffee from Pumphrey's Fair Trade selection. These single origin Fair Trade Brazilian roast coffee work great through all brewing...

Fair Trade Colombian

£8.50 - £136.00
The freshest fair trade Colombian coffee A bright, full-bodied, well rounded Colombian coffee from Pumphrey’s Fair Trade Selection. Pumphrey’s Coffee has been recognised as a supplier...