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Pumphreys Coffee

Indian Mysore

£8.00 - £128.00
The Indian Mysore, Refreshing and Light - fine grade bean with a light liquor.  

Ipanema Yellow Catuai Pulped Natural

£8.75 - £140.00
Ipanema Yellow Catuai Pulped Natural Brazilian Coffee Ipanema coffee is a single origin Brazilian coffee that is grown in Ipanema, Brazil. The name of this coffee comes from the region in which it...

Italian High Roast

£8.00 - £128.00
The best Italian roast coffee beans  n.b Some 'Bean to Cup' machines may be designed in a way that oiler beans are not recommended for use, please check machine manuals before using...

Japanese Sencha

£20.00 - £320.00
This is a superior quality green tea with big leaves, and is bright in the cup. It is sterilized in steam and pan fried to prevent the initiation of the fermentation process. When brewed this tea...

Jasmine with Flower

£7.50 - £120.00
This tea has a sweet and fragrant aroma, delicate, smooth and floral taste. China Foochow tea with Jasmine flowers added for a fragrant aroma. Best enjoyed without milk.Preparation: Use...


£7.50 - £120.00
From the region of Keemun in China.   Keemun has a fruity aroma, with hints of dried plum, pine and floweriness. This creates a very distinctive and well balanced taste. Best enjoyed...

Kenya AA

£10.00 - £160.00
Kenya AA coffee beans roasted to perfection One of Pumphreys brightest, the best Kenya AA coffee. Best of the Kenyan single origin coffee crop, extremely flavoursome and full bodied with a fruity...