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Pumphreys Coffee

Fair Trade Costa Rica

£8.50 - £136.00
The finest fair trade Costa Rica Coffee A fantastic Costa Rica coffee beans from Pumphrey's Fair Trade selection. This single origin Fair Trade specialty coffee Costa Rica works great through all...

Fair Trade Espresso

£8.50 - £136.00
Perfect fair trade espresso coffee An Italian style blend from Pumphrey's Fair Trade selection. This blend was created to give our customers who prefer Fair Trade coffee a great espresso option for...


£6.00 - £18.00
Roasted Figs are used as an ingredient as a coffee substitute or a roast coffee additive. From about the end of the 19th century fig started to come into use a substitute in southern Germany. ...

Filter Sachets

** We are unable to process this item over the phone, orders for this product at this price have to be completed through our website. Packed individually for ease of use, now available are our...

Flowery Orange Pekoe

£6.00 - £96.00
From the Dirial estate in Dibrugarh, Assam  This TGFOP (Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe) has a bright, medium-strong malty flavour. Preparation: Use approximately 1 heaped teaspoon per...

French Medium Roast

£8.00 - £128.00
Our French Medium is one of our more popular blends. It is a very dark and oily bean, but not as bitter as our Italian High Roast Best served through espresso although does well through...

Golden Mate

£7.50 - £120.00
Very rich and hearty with mellow notes of chocolate. Slightly bitter at the first sip but wheat-like and woody thereafter. This tisane is widely consumed in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and...

Guatemala Huehuetenango

£9.00 - £144.00
Smooth Guatemala coffee from Huehuetenango Guatemala Huehuetenango coffee beans are single origin, coming from the region of the same name. Pronounced ‘way way ten an go’ this coffee...

Hazelnut Flavour

£10.00 - £160.00
Pumphrey's medium roast coffee beans laced with a tasty Hazelnut flavouring. Perfect for a sweet fix.

Home Barista Essentials Course

Perfect for those who have everything or simply love brewing coffee at home! Learn how to properly use domestic espresso machines, grinders and other common home-use equipment; so that you can get...

Home Barista Essentials Voucher

This voucher entitles the buyer or recipient to one place on our Home Barista Essentials training course; run by our award winning Barista Stuart Lee Archer. You can book onto this course by...