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Cafe Ole Everyday Cafetiere
Cafe Ole Everyday Cafetiere

Cafe Ole Everyday Cafetiere

3 cup Cafe Ole Everyday Cafetiere Designed for convenience, this cafetiere features sturdy plastic frames that provide durability without compromising on aesthetics. The heat-resistant glass...
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Espresso Crema

£8.00 - £128.00
Our Espresso Crema blend: for billowing crema with a velvety body! Espresso crema is popular with coffee shops and our home espresso users. It does exactly what it says on the tin: Produce Espresso...

Italian High Roast

£7.50 - £120.00
The best Italian roast coffee beans Pumphreys Italian High Roast Coffee Beans are roasted in the traditional way, fully supporting today's demanding high-quality coffee culture. The Italian style...

Pumphrey's Special Blend

£8.50 - £136.00
Pumphreys most popular blend of coffee beans and the caterer's favourite. Our special blend is one of our most popular coffee blends and has been a top seller for several years. As experienced...

Guatemala Huehuetenango

£8.75 - £140.00
Smooth Guatemala coffee from Huehuetenango Guatemala Huehuetenango coffee beans are single origin, coming from the region of the same name. Pronounced ‘way way ten an go’ this coffee is one of our...

Daterra Sunrise

£8.00 - £128.00
The full bodied Daterra Sunrise Coffee with hazelnut undertones Daterra is a Brazilian coffee grower and exporter best known for its innovative research, respect for the environment and its high...

Pure Kenya Blue Mountain

£12.00 - £192.00
Grown from Jamaican Blue Mountain stock on the coffee growing slopes of Kenya. Kenya Blue mountain has the appearance of the long Jamaican bean and much of the desirable flavour which is enhanced by...

Pumphrey's Filter Papers

£1.49 - £1.79
Coffee filter papers that simply do the job! The filter brewing process is a bypass brewing method. This means that we hold coffee in one place and pass water through it in order to extract the...

Old Brown Java

£9.00 - £144.00
Pumphreys coffee supplying Old Brown Java Coffee Beans to the UK. Old Brown Java is a coffee drinker's coffee – with a full rich body, low acidity, and a subtle multi-dimensional aromatic...

Mocha Matari Style

£7.75 - £124.00
Highly roasted beans from Ethiopia, most likely our strongest and full bodied coffee. A dark roast and very popular with our customers for a caffeine kick.   N.B 'Bean to Cup' machines...

Poldermill Chocolate Sprinkles

With Poldermill Sprinkles you can decorate your cappuccinos or lattes beautifully with chocolate. Simply top your drink with a light dusting of these high quality sprinkles. These sprinkles are...

Pumphrey's Viennese

£7.50 - £120.00
The Pumphreys Viennese is a mixture of roasted and ground coffee and roasted and ground fig of which not less than 85% is coffee and which contains no substance other than roasted coffee and fig...

Double Roast Santos

£7.75 - £124.00
The ultimate strong dark coffee, Double Roast Santos! A dark roasted Brazilian Santos coffee. It’s called Double Roast Santos and it makes the perfect strong black coffee! It gets its name from the...

Newby Teabags

£4.45 - £5.45
Newby Teabags Newby Teas was started in the new millennium and set out to create a brand that would reintroduce a quality product into market so that tea enthusiasts could fall in love with tea all...

Colombian Medellin

£8.50 - £136.00
The Best Colombian Medellin Coffee, always freshly roasted for you! It’s called Colombia Medellin Excelso and its smooth with a bright, fresh and full-bodied flavour. The Colombian Medellin is a...

Bigg Market Espresso Blend

£6.50 - £104.00
Pumphreys coffee supplying Bigg Market Espresso Blend Coffee Beans to the UK. A blend of coffee beans selected for especially for espresso & roasted in a Southern Italian Style.   Makes a...

French Medium Roast

£7.00 - £112.00
Our French Medium is one of our more popular blends. It is a very dark and oily bean, but not as bitter as our Italian High Roast Best served through espresso although does well through...

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