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Pumphreys Coffee

Caribbean Mountain

£9.00 - £144.00
Pumphreys Coffee supplying Caribbean Mountain Blend Coffee Beans to the UK. Wet processed Arabica. A blend of carefully selected high grown coffees smoother than Kenya Blue Mountain and Blue...


£2.50 - £7.50
Chicory The use of substitutes tends to achieve prominence when coffee is in short supply and therefore expensive, either due to natural causes such as coffee crop disasters, or trade being affected...

China Congou

£6.00 - £96.00
Our China Congou has large leaves with a crisp refreshing mouth feel. A sweet, light finish makes it an ideal early morning brew.

China Gunpowder

£7.00 - £112.00
Also known as Green Pearls the leaves of this popular green tea are pan fried and rolled into little pellets. It produces a light green liquor with a delicate yet pungent taste. It is one of our...

China Jade Wings Flavoured with Mango

£14.00 - £224.00
This china jade wings are a leafy green tea with a slightly sharp or tart flavour, they are carefully handled during production to maintain a good green tea colour in the cup and they have been...

China Sencha

£8.00 - £128.00
Steamed to prevent fermentation, this China Sencha is a smooth, mellow green tea with a sweet aroma and a light hay-like flavour. Not as strong as the Japanese Sencha

China Sencha Wild Cherry

£12.50 - £200.00
This is a superior quality green tea with big leaves and is bright in the cup. Delightfully flavoured with cranberry slices and rose petals When brewed this tea creates a greenish yellow liquor...

Chocolate Flavour

£10.00 - £160.00
The beans that are used to create this tasty coffee are medium roast, classically smooth arabica beans. Once roasted, they are then laced with a luxurious chocolate flavouring. Expect a brilliantly...

Cinnamon Flavoured Tea

£10.00 - £160.00
Pumphrey's specialty flavoured black tea with a relaxing aroma of cinnamon. China Congou Orange Pekoe tea flavoured with cassia bark to produce the distinctive flavours of cinnamon flavoured tea...