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​New Subscription options on all coffees and teas.


​New Subscription options on all coffees and teas.

Posted by Pumphreys Coffee ,8th Dec 2021
​New Subscription options on all coffees and teas.

Thanks to a new piece of software, we have integrated into our site it is now possible to subscribe to your favourite coffees and teas with Pumphreys Coffee.

Keep forgetting to order your favourite coffee?

Gone are the days of going without coffee or tea. Our new Re-Charge subscription software will securely hold your payment information and create an order in our system at your designated interval, grind option and volume, giving you complete control over your subscription ordering. This will remove the hassle of coming back to our site repeatedly to keep yourself stocked up. Set it up and receive your coffee when you want, automatically.

Fancy a Discount?

All through December we are offering a discount to new subscribers. Enter “ DECEMBER21SUB “ on the Re-Charge checkout page to receive a 10% Discount on your first subscription order.

A great present for your friends and family.

Having your family of friend favourite coffee arrive for them once a month is a great gift for Christmas. You can be rest assured that your Christmas gift will keep on giving throughout the year.

Going away on holiday?

No problem.

Re-Charge will let you postpone your delivery until you are back from you well-earned rest.

Need to know when you next order is coming?

You will be able to view your upcoming orders and amend them, as necessary.

Need to add filters or other one-off coffees or teas to your order?

Our system will allow you to add one off products to your upcoming delivery so that you never run out of those all-important items.

Worried about your coffee becoming out of stock?

Not a problem. If in the unlikely event that your favourite coffee is not in stock at the time of your subscription order, we will contact you to:

See if you would like a replacement coffee of your choice

Simply cancel your order


Wait until your favourite coffee is back in stock.

Need to stop your subscription permanently?

No problem. You can stop your subscription at the click of a button. Re-charge will save your subscription options so that you can re-activate it any time you want.

"Manage My Subscription" Hub

To amend anything to do with your subscriptions you can simply navigate to the ‘My Orders’ Section of the website on your desktop and click the ‘Manage Subscription’ Tab.

This will open the re-charge hub where you will have access to the following to edit at your leisure:

  • Subscriptions – Active and Inactive
  • Delivery Schedule – Showing your upcoming deliveries
  • Purchase History – Showing your earlier subscription deliveries
  • Shipping Addresses – Showing your currently saved shipping addresses
  • Billing Information – Showing your securely saved billing information with only the last four digits of your card visible.

We hope this will be an incredibly positive addition to our site and we have been working hard to find a suitable system that integrates with our site and payment providers for a long time now.