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Gifts for coffee lovers in 2024


Gifts for coffee lovers in 2024

Posted by Pumphreys Coffee ,19th Jun 2024
Gifts for coffee lovers in 2024

If you are struggling to find a gift for someone in your life who has a passion for coffee, we have compiled a list that should hopefully help you out! If you need any further information on anything listed here please give us a call we would be happy to help over the phone 01914144510. This blog is here to serve as your buying guide!

How to choose a coffee gift

The first step in choosing a coffee gift is to consider where the person is in their coffee journey. If their interest is just starting, they could likely benefit from an essential piece of coffee equipment. Different brewing methods compliment beans from different regions. For example you could choose a ceramic filter cone alongside our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Beans. This brings out the wonderfully light and fruity tasting notes that Ethiopian coffee is known for. Or try one of our Brazilian coffees like the Ipanema Yellow, this works extremely well through an espresso machine, rich, nutty with a clean after taste. An experienced coffee lover would probably be more appreciative of a coffee gift set that features a mix of beans. A professional barista training course can work well as a gift that gives them lifelong skills, even for those with some experience. There’s practically no end to the range of products that can be given to coffee lovers to enhance their brewing and drinking experience.

Our specially selected gifts for coffee lovers

At Pumphrey’s, we’re constantly picking out coffees that we believe will excite coffee lovers and give them a new experience they’ve never had before. While we do this every month through our Coffee of the Month Subscriptions where we buy in a coffee especially for that month only. This gives our customers something exciting to open every month alongside a detailed information sheet in regards to the origin and processing. Below we have a put together a selection of hand-picked gift sets that are perfect for coffee enthusiasts.

Indonesian gift set

This gift set contains coffees that are designed to embody the qualities of Indonesian coffee, both in terms of aroma, texture, and flavour. Included is our Mandheling, Sumatra, and Old Brown Java coffees in 250g. Richer coffees with a good body to them.

African gift set

To celebrate the range of flavours and experiences offered by African coffee, Pumphreys gift set contains a range of light and medium-light grind types. These are 250g Kenya AA, Kenya Peaberry, and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Each offers a unique and subtle flavour profile that makes for a multi-faceted drinking experience. Fruitier and light with a clean aftertaste.

Central South American gift set

Pumphrey’s South American gift set contains coffees with rich and full-bodied flavours, perfectly encompassing the region where the varieties are grown. For this selection we have chosen coffees from Brazil, Guatemala, and Colombia. Those who receive this gift set will be able to notice the differences in flavour, texture, and aroma for coffees from countries within South America. Generally vanilla & chocolate undertones, medium body

Coffee bean gifts

While most coffee lovers will be focused on getting coffee beans for the purpose of brewing, chocolate covered coffee beans can be a fun treat they’ll appreciate. This gift is often most successful when given to those with more of a sweet tooth, with Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans.

Expertly selected coffee gifts

At Pumphrey’s, we like to go above and beyond for our customers in offering a unique coffee experience built on quality and ingenuity. We roast beans with a traditional open flame method, which isn’t something you’ll see with most other coffee roasters. On top of this, our range of bespoke coffee gift sets, along with our blends and single origins, have been curated with the purpose of providing something special. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about brewing coffee or choosing the right coffee gifts.