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Is espresso blend coffee better than single origin?


Is espresso blend coffee better than single origin?

Posted by Pumphreys Coffee ,4th Jul 2023
Is espresso blend coffee better than single origin?

Shops and cafes will sometimes have an overwhelming amount of choice when it comes coffee. As such, finding the best coffee for you can be a lengthy process of trying different types and brands.For example, choosingwhat’s better between an espresso blend or a single origin will be different depending on individual tastes. It comes down to factors likepracticality, flavour, and cost.

So, which is better, espresso blend coffee or single origin? Get all the information you need below.

What is single origin coffee?

Single origin coffee is exactly what it sounds like. It’s made from coffee beans that are grown in and sourced from a specific region.Single origin coffees therefore often come from a single crop or producer. The flavours of these coffees will vary based on environmental factors, as well as the beans themselves. Climate factors include temperature,rain levels, direct sunlight, soil conditions and the harvest time of year.

It's often more difficult to get hold of single origin coffeebecause itisn’tproduced in large quantities. On top of this, its availability is seasonal.As a result, certain regional coffeeswillbe in high supply at one period in the year and low supply at others.

Brewing methods for single origin coffee

Single origin coffee is perfectly suited to home brewing methods such as pour over or by using an AeroPress.These are gentle processes so as not to take away from its flavour. This is particularly useful when trying out single origin coffees of the same bean but from different geographical areas. This way, tasters can identify subtle flavour differences. For the same reason, single origin coffees are often better enjoyed milk free.

What is espresso blend coffee?

Unlike single origin coffees, espresso blend coffeebeanscombine varieties from different countries. There’ll be at least two types of beans in a blend,but there theoretically isn’t any upper limit to the number of varieties that can be included.Coffees can be blended either before or after roasting, which is called pre-blending and post-blending respectively. An important consideration when blending coffee is to match the solubility of each type. This ensures extraction happens at the same rate.

Blendedcoffeemakes up a majority ofcommercial coffee types. This is because it is easier to produce and has more potential variations. There are tried and true blend combinations like Brazilian and Colombian. However, companies are constantly experimenting with new espresso blends. Blend coffee also differs to single origin coffee as it is available all year round.

Brewing methods for espresso blend coffee

Usinga fine grind in an espresso machine is best for coffee blends. This is recommended,as itdevelops the big bold flavours that often come from combining bean varieties.A great example is our Southern Italian style roasted Bigg Market Espresso Blend.

How to decide on the best coffee

There are many factors to consider when deciding if espresso blend coffee is better than single origin coffee for you. They are:

Roast profile

Coffee bean types comes in light, medium, and dark roasts. In addition, there are intermediary levels of coffee roast like medium-dark and light-medium. The degree of roasting creates different notes of flavour within the coffee, which will in turn appeal to people’s preferences.


Single origin coffees tend to have a more natural and unaltered taste. This usuallymanifests as being bold, exotic, and robust. In comparison, the combination of beans in espresso blends creates a varied flavour profile.From nutty to chocolatey to zesty and fruity, the flavour of coffee blends varies based on the type of beans used.Processes associated withbean cultivation, harvesting and storage can also influence coffee flavour.


Any type of coffee can be differentiated by the type of processing in undergoes.This can bean important area to checkwhen making coffee buying decisions. These processes are:

  • Dry processing – coffee beans are dried with natural methods without being washed. This can produce an earthier flavour.
  • Wet processing – coffee cherries are softened in water before the bean is removed, washed, and dried. This process is typically used for single origin coffeeas it allows the flavour of the bean to shine.
  • Honey processing –a cross between the above,honey processing adjusts the amount of mucilage on the beans. The process gets its name from the sticky quality taken on by the beans during the drying process. The result is a coffee that is sweeter and more complex in taste.

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