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How to grind your own coffee at home


How to grind your own coffee at home

Posted by Pumphreys Coffee ,18th Oct 2023
How to grind your own coffee at home

There can be many benefits of grinding coffee beans at home, as opposed to buying pre-ground coffee beans. Plus, doing things yourself brings a sense of accomplishment. You never know, it could be fun too! Coffee grind is one of the factors that takes a regular brew and elevates it to new heights of texture and flavour.

There are many ways to grind coffee at home, which we’ll be delving into in this blog, along with the benefits of home-ground coffee and our expert tips.

Benefits of grinding coffee at home

The first thing you’re probably wondering is, why would I want to grind coffee beans at home? Yes, you can get freshly ground coffee delivered or served at your local cafes. However, putting in the effort of grinding coffee at home really does pay off.

As soon as coffee beans are exposed to air, their quality begins to degrade. When stored properly, fresh coffee beans can retain their flavour for as long as six months. In contrast, ground coffee degrades faster due to its greater surface area. Therefore, buying coffee beans and grinding them at home is a better investment, as well as improving taste.

Freshly ground coffee can’t be matched in terms of flavour. Grinding just before brewing helps bring out the profile and subtle nuances in whatever cup of coffee you want to drink.

If you haven’t ground coffee beans before, you wouldn’t have been exposed to the wonderful aroma that’s produced.

Ways to grind coffee beans

The principal way to grind coffee beans comes in the form of a coffee grinder. I know, we’re shocked too. However, these come with two choices – an electric or a manual coffee grinder. Both function in much the same way, with the only difference being that the latter is powered by physical force.

Coffee grinders work by passing the beans from its hopper, through a set of burrs which grinds them. The coffee grounds are collected in a chamber at the bottom of the machine. In a manual coffee grinder, the burrs are connected to a rod that extends beyond its housing so it can be rotated.

We accept that not everyone has a dedicated coffee grinder at home. However, using alternative methods such as a blender or food processor is not recommended. This is because the blades result in a clean cut, rather than the beans being crushed by burrs, which negatively impacts the quality of the cup. The reason is that the decreased surface area means the hot water cannot penetrate the beans in the most effective way.

A manual coffee grinder

There are a wide variety of manual coffee grinders on the market today. Manual grinders offer flexibility, as they can be adjusted to different grind settings. You can also choose to stop grinding at any point if you want a very coarse grind. Using a manual coffee grinder can take a bit longer and require more effort, but they remain a popular method of grinding beans. There are several reasons for this including the fact that they are smaller, quieter, more affordable, give you full control over the grind to get the perfect results for your brew, and are more portable so you don’t have to skip your coffee routine if you want to take a camping trip.

An electric coffee grinder

A manual coffee grinder is perfectly serviceable for most of your brewing needs. Although, it is limited in how precise the grinder can be. This means an electric grinder is best used for an espresso machine where intense extraction takes place. Electric grinders will also typically have adjustable settings when it comes to the grind. Of course, an electric grinder saves time and is very convenient if you want to drink coffee in the morning before work. Another key benefit is electric grinders ensure consistency in your coffee, you can always achieve the exact grind level you want without the risk of some beans being more finely ground than others.

Ceramic burrs

A key differentiator between coffee machines you can buy for your home is whether the burrs are made of steel or ceramic. The latter is the better material as it causes the burrs to remain sharp over longer periods. The sharpers the burrs are, the quicker and more consistent the grind will be.

Tips to achieve the perfect ground coffee

Grinding coffee yourself gives you the opportunity to make adjustments to create a brew that is perfect for you. Perhaps you like a stronger brew? Great, go with a finer espresso-style grind. Whatever grinding method you go with, there are some age-old principles that any barista will tell you are essential for the perfect brew.

Match the grind to your brew

Certain machines must have a type of grind to function effectively. For example, espresso ground coffee is a fine grind whereas coffee brewed in a Cafetiere works best with a coarser grind. For other tools, like an AeroPress, the nature of the grind can affect extraction. The results desired by the drinker will therefore dictate how they grind for their chosen brewing method.

More information can be found by browsing our range of coffee equipment.

Grinding just in time

One of the beauties about grinding coffee at home is that you are in complete control. It’s advisable to grind the beans as close to the brewing time as possible. This ensures the coffee is as fresh as it can be. If you grind the beans too early, you risk spoiling the quality of the brew.

Use the right amount

It can take a few tries to get right, but using the right amount of beans prevents waste. It also guarantees you grind produces the same depth of flavour every time. In a similar vein, using the correct amount of water to go along with your ground coffee is crucial to getting the right flavour profile.

Espresso ground coffee wholesalers

As coffee suppliers established in 1750, we’ve seen many exciting developments in the coffee industry. Chief among these has been the ability for everyday people to grind coffee from the comfort of their own home. At Pumphreys, we want people to be able to experience the joys of freshly ground coffee wherever they are. That’s why we offer a wide variety of dark, flavoured, and decaf coffee beans. Contact us today if you have any questions.