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Why buy your coffee from a specialist like Pumphrey's?


Why buy your coffee from a specialist like Pumphrey's?

Posted by Pumphreys Coffee ,14th Jun 2022
Why buy your coffee from a specialist like Pumphrey's?

It's a fair question – why should you buy from a specialist when you could pick up a 250g bag of coffee while you're doing your weekly shop? In this blog, we look at what you're really getting when you buy from a specialist purveyor like Pumphrey's Coffee.

The history behind Pumphrey's Coffee

In 1750, a man named Leigh Smith started a small enterprise selling tea and coffee in the heart of Newcastle – that business is what you know today as Pumphrey's Coffee.

Since it was established, the business has changed hands several times, and in 1983 it was taken over by Mr Stuart Archer (Snr). He brought in his son (Stuart Lee Archer) whose influence would later prove to be revolutionary in transforming the business.

This take-over in the 80s saw Pumphrey's Coffee move out of the city centre and into premises big enough to accommodate a warehouse, roastery and a showroom. And in 2006, a purpose-built training centre was added to the factory for budding baristas.

Though the people and premises may have changed, the same care and attention is still devoted to selecting quality tea and coffee as it was in 1750.

What makes Pumphrey's Coffee different?

When Stuart Lee Archer (Jr) joined the business, he introduced a vastly improved espresso machine and grinder as well as offering up-to-date training. He later registered as a tutor with the City and Guilds, and has since helped train some of the North East's most successful baristas.

Behind every product we sell, there is a depth of knowledge and experience that you won't find in a high street chain or a supermarket. When you choose to buy from a specialist, like Pumphrey's Coffee, you're getting more than just a bag of coffee.

We select the finest coffee beans from around the world then roast them to order using a traditional open flame technique. Roasting on open drums dates back over 80 years, and it allows us to release the coffee’s natural oils without burning the beans.

Our selection of coffee beans, from single origin to distinctive blends, are available to buy whole and in different grind sizes. We also offer a subscription service, so you can choose to have your favourite coffee delivered every week (or however often you like).

'Coffee of the Month' subscriptions   

In 2006, we introduced a coffee subscription service for coffee lovers who want to try new flavours from around the world or those still searching for their perfect blend.

Every month we'll deliver a bag of freshly roasted coffee to your door, along with information on its origin and cupping notes to help you pick out notable characteristics.

We aim to showcase a wide range of smaller cooperatives and farmers that are not usually available on the open market. And by ethically sourcing speciality coffee in this way we are helping to improve living standards in some of the most remote areas of the coffee-growing world.

You can choose to buy a monthly subscription or pay upfront for 3, 6, or 12 months.These subscriptions make great gifts for coffee lovers looking to develop their palate.

Our barista courses for home and work  

We run three courses at our barista training centre, for those who want to improve their home brewing technique or work in the coffee industry.

Home barista essentials

In this course, we'll teach you how to use the equipment you've got at home to make quality coffee that will impress your friends and family. We cover a variety of topics from how to store coffee to the importance of choosing the right grind size for your coffee maker.

Cupping experience course

This is a half-day course that can be taken on the same day as the home barista essentials training with a break in-between. In this course we look at how to 'taste' coffee, and how origin, brewing method, and roast all contribute to the different flavours.

BSA Barista Skills - level 1

This course is approved by the Beverage Standards Association (BSA) and is designed for people who have limited or no experience of using an espresso machine and need to learn the basic skills for a workplace environment. On completion you'll receive a pass, merit, or distinction, along with a certificate that is internationally-recognised.

So, why choose a coffee specialist?  

You can buy coffee from most high-street coffee shops now and you can even pick up a bag while you are grocery shopping, so why choose a coffee specialist like Pumphrey's?

We have a long history of selecting quality coffee from around the world and roasting it to perfection in a traditional way. It's this commitment to maintaining quality and staying at the forefront of the industry that sets us apart from our competitors.

In fact, we put our money where our mouth is at Pumphrey'sby encouraging our customers to visit us and try it for themselves. We're confident that you will be able to taste the difference in the quality of our coffee.

Our coffee emporium, based at the renowned Grainger Market, was given a five-cup rating from the BSA, who were so impressed with our coffee that in 2015 they asked us to help run their cup rating system and awards.

Pumphrey's Coffee showroom, training centre and roastery
Bridge Street, Blaydon upon Tyne, NE21 4JJ

Pumphrey's Coffee Centre and Brewing Emporium (Grainger Market)
50-53 Grainger Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE1 5JE

For our customers who live in other parts of the UK, why not start your coffee adventure with one of our monthly deliveries - quality coffee delivered straight to your door.