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Why are flavoured coffees so popular?


Why are flavoured coffees so popular?

Posted by Pumphreys Coffee ,12th May 2023
Why are flavoured coffees so popular?

Different flavours can be added to coffee in two ways; either by flavouring the beans themselves or by using other ingredients to flavour the coffee during brewing e.g., synthetic syrups. Flavouring coffee isn’t a new concept, but it has surged in popularity in recent years with new generations of coffee drinkers wanting to experiment with a wide range of tastes. In this guide we’ll be looking at the origins of flavoured coffees and why they have become so popular over time.

What are flavoured coffee beans?

Flavoured coffee beans are exactly what the name suggests - they’re beans that have been infused with different flavours. They can be used to make a flavoured coffee brew or even eaten as a snack. Unlike the other method of flavouring coffee, it isn’t necessary to add external ingredients, all the flavour comes from the beans after they have been infused.

Despite them being around for hundreds of years, it was only in the 1990s did they truly start to become popular upon release of a wider range of oils in more flavours. One example is hazelnut flavoured coffee beans which is a big hit with consumers as well as other sweeter tastes like chocolate and fig coffee.

In several countries and cultures like Turkish, Arabic, and Middle Eastern they have been infusing spices into their coffee for centuries. Cinnamon sticks and cardamom are just two examples of the many spices that are commonly used to flavour coffee and make it more enjoyable for people in these countries, who perhaps don’t like the taste of traditional coffee. It was in the 17th century that the idea of combining coffee with chocolate was introduced in Europe and changed a lot of perceptions of what a cup of coffee could be.

The origin of coffee syrups

Coffee syrups came to the forefront of the flavoured coffee market in 1971 when one of the biggest coffee companies in the world was founded in Seattle in the US. Of course, we’re talking about Starbucks. The popularity of this coffee giant spread quickly around the world and continues to grow to this day. Following on from this flavoured coffees became a trend with younger adults in the 90s thanks to TV shows like Friends making these types of milky, flavoured beverages popular. Also, it showed coffee shops and cafes as the place to socialise - not just grab a coffee on the go.

The popularity of flavoured coffees

Popularity settled down for a little while after the 90s but has once again spiked with millennials relying on flavoured coffee as their go-to drink. Additionally coffee places like Starbucks began to heavily promote seasonal flavours like pumpkin spice around Halloween and cinnamon or gingerbread at Christmas which many adults look forward to. One thing to note about coffee syrups compared to flavoured coffee beans is that they come with a lot more calories. So, if you're wanting to be healthier or are trying to cut down for weight loss, buying flavoured beans will give you the great tasting coffee you want without any extra calories.

With how good technology has become, both flavouring coffee beans and various syrups is much more precise and accurate to the actual flavours they are trying to create. This is another key factor in why these types of coffee drinks have become so popular. No one would really enjoy them if they didn’t taste like the flavour, it says the coffee is meant to be. It would be no good ordering a mocha coffee and not being able to taste any chocolate for example.


Even though committed coffee enthusiasts have strong negative opinions about flavoured coffees and them not necessarily being “real coffee” it hasn’t stopped their popularity from soaring and continuing to grow. Not everyone enjoys the distinctive flavour of single origin coffee beans, but still want to have a coffee-based beverage. A need that flavoured coffees fill nicely in the market.

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