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What is the best Indonesian region for coffee?


What is the best Indonesian region for coffee?

Posted by Pumphreys Coffee ,19th Jul 2021
What is the best Indonesian region for coffee?

Could Sumatra the best coffee growing region in Indonesia?

Coffee lovers across the globe are buzzing about Sumatran coffee, supposedly the highest quality coffee in the whole of Indonesia. Its unique and complex flavour makes for a luxurious drinking experience, with a cup of Sumatra coffee said to be one of the best brews on the market today. Sumatra coffee beans are known for their smooth, strong taste, referred to by many as a true jewel in the drinks-sphere.

So, what makes Sumatra coffee different to other varieties and blends?

As soon as a sip of Sumatra coffee touches your tongue, your taste buds will go wild for the intense, warming flavour. There are several Sumatra coffee blends, each hailing from a different region in Indonesia, each offering their own subtle difference in taste related to the location in which they are grown. The Sumatra region spans across hundreds of miles, and includes coastal areas that benefit from salty sea air and harsh sun, as well as steep mountain peaks that boast extremely fertile ground. These differing flavours can have serious depth for the perfect strong cup of joe, or a lighter, fruitier taste with a soft sweet finish - there's sure to be a blend of Sumatra coffee that suits your personal preferences and surpasses your expectations.

How is Sumatra coffee be processed?

There are several methods that one can pursue to harvest and prepare Sumatra coffee beans, and each different decision impacts upon the end flavour considerably. Two of the most popular methods used to farm and produce Sumatra coffee are dry and wet processing.

Dry Processing

The dry process of harvesting Sumatra coffee beans begins with farmers picking their coffee beans from the plant, then removing their skin so that they can be stored in woven bags overnight in order for the beans to ferment, which allows the pulp to loosen up. When the following morning rolls around, they are cleaned by hand and put out to dry naturally in the heat of the sun - some farmers choose to place their coffee beans on the ground itself, as this can give the coffee a more natural, earthy taste. It is during this drying process that the Sumatra coffee beans can develop subtle taste differences that are appreciated by experienced coffee drinkers who are able to recognise these small yet vital preparative steps.

Wet Processing

Though it's fair to say that most Sumatra coffee beans are processed using the dry method, some farmers prefer to prepare their beans using the newer wet processing method. Wet processing involves farmers picking their coffee beans to dry them partially (not fully), allowing some moisture to remain inside the coffee bean. This is a far more modern process, and it exists to gently warm and dry the coffee bean to slowly release the outer layers that surround the coffee bean before they are removed, resulting in a far lighter, fruitier taste.

Coffee beans which have been fully dried before having their outer layer removed are referred to as the purest blend of Sumatra coffee, as those who drink it will get to experience the true flavour of the bean.

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