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What is so special about Arabica coffee?


What is so special about Arabica coffee?

Posted by Pumphreys Coffee ,10th Feb 2023
What is so special about Arabica coffee?

What is so special about Arabica coffee?

If you’re a coffee lover, you will likely have come across a lot of labels reading “100% Arabica coffee”. But what is the significance of this? Is it just a marketing gimmick or is Arabica a better type of coffee than other varieties and truly more special? In this guide to Arabica coffee, we’ll be covering the key things you need to know, so you have all the information to decide whether Arabica coffee is worth it to you.

Defining Arabica coffee

Arabica coffee was discovered many centuries ago in Ethiopia, essentially it was the first version of coffee that we recognise today. It is grown on the coffea arabica plant which produces coffee cherries. The popularity of arabica coffee beanshas spawned many sub-types, but the original holds the iconic arabica flavours that make it so special to many coffee lovers around the world.

What are the flavours of Arabica coffee?

The flavours and aromas of any type of coffee don’t just come from the type of bean but other external factors including the conditions it’s grown in, the technique used to process it, and the roast level. Arabica coffee can appeal to a broader range of taste preferences because it has a more delicate flavour and less bitterness and acidity than a lot of other varieties of coffee. Its natural sugars create a mellow sweetness that you don’t often expect from coffee. If you’re new to the coffee world, using arabica coffee is a great place to start, other coffee beans have sharper and harsher notes that may not taste nice to a palette that isn’t used to it.

So why is Arabica coffee so special?

It may seem like there is going to be a big secret that is going to be revealed in answer to this question but it’s honestly much simpler than that. Arabica coffee has a number of factors that make it stand out from other types. Firstly, it has half the amount of caffeine of Robusta coffee beans.

The natural flavour of caffeine can be a touch bitter so the fact that Arabica beans contain less of it helps reduce that bitterness and offer a more delicate taste. Plus, a lot of coffee consumers in the market aren’t looking for a large amount of caffeine, the taste is more important to them.

Another contributing factor to Arabica coffee being perceived as special is that the plants it grows on are more fragile than others, which means it is not as easy or as cheap to source them. They also don’t yield as much in terms of crops, which makes them more valuable and earns them the reputation of being a premium product.

Also, Arabica plants need to be grown in very specific conditions in order to thrive, and extra care is required to protect them from pests. This is reflected in the more expensive price of Arabica coffee to purchase, and items that are more costly are generally perceived as being better quality and more special.

In comparison if we look at Robusta coffee, the other most common coffee type, there are some differences. For example, the Robusta plants don’t demand the same specific growing conditions, they can provide double the crop size of the Arabica plant and aren’t prone to pest infestations.

This doesn’t mean that Robusta is inferior to Arabica, there are many benefits to Robusta, and it is still very popular. However, if we are looking at the reasons why Arabica is considered to be so special, it has a unique set of factors that make it so which other varieties like Robusta don’t share.

Where to buy Arabica coffee beans

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