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What is so different about Ethiopian coffee?


What is so different about Ethiopian coffee?

Posted by Pumphreys Coffee ,8th Jul 2021
What is so different about Ethiopian coffee?

Ethiopian coffee is deemed one of the best places in the world for coffee, here’s why!

What is so different about Ethiopian coffee?

If you consider yourself a fully-fledged coffee lover, you will probably already be aware of the fact that Ethiopia is deemed one of the best places in the world for coffee. In fact, it is considered the birthplace of coffee, so we have a lot to thank Ethiopia for it seems! Not only does Ethiopia have a long history when it comes to coffee, but it also creates some of the greatest single-origin coffees you will find around the globe. Considering that, we have decided to take a look at what makes Ethiopian coffee so great below.

What should you expect from coffee from Ethiopia?

When it comes to trying coffee from different places around the world, you can really tell the differences in the flavour, so you are probably wondering what you are going to experience when trying Ethiopian coffee. The flavour characteristics that you will experience when enjoying this type of coffee are mostly floral and bright fruited. You can expect a light to medium body, with higher acidity when compared with a lot of other types of coffee. And, if you ever needed proof that coffee from Ethiopia was delicious, you only need to look at how much it is consumed in this part of the world. In fact, approximately 50 per cent of the coffee that is created in Ethiopia is for domestic drinking.

We certainly recommend that you take the time to learn more about Ethiopia and the coffee culture in this part of the world. It is incredibly fascinating. In fact, if your love of coffee is that great that it would compel you to take a trip abroad, Ethiopia won’t disappoint. There is a strong cultural tradition here whereby coffee ceremonies are used to open events. What could be better?

What makes coffee beans from Ethiopia better than the rest?

You may be wondering what makes coffee beans from Ethiopia better than the rest. Well, the main reason is because of the growing conditions in Ethiopia. Of course, coffee has a great history here. But without good growing conditions, great coffee cannot be created. Coffee trees have grown in the wild for Ethiopia for many centuries. The environment is incredible for producing truly delightful coffee without you needing to add anything to the drink. The southern mountainous regions and their high elevations allow for the best growing conditions, and that is why this coffee is so amazing.

To conclude, if you are someone who loves nothing more than a nice cup of coffee in the morning to start off your day in the right way or to get you through the afternoon lull while at work, coffee from Ethiopia is definitely well worth trying. Known as the birthplace of coffee, it comes as no surprise to learn that Ethiopian coffee is truly some of the best you will find. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself some quality coffee beans from Ethiopia and enjoy a brew that you will be raving about for a long time.

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