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What is pre-ground coffee?


What is pre-ground coffee?

Posted by Pumphreys Coffee ,27th Jan 2023
What is pre-ground coffee?

What is pre-ground coffee?

In most cases, fresh is best, so it’s natural to assume that freshly ground coffee is better than pre-ground coffee beans. However, fresh coffee beans can become stale and lose their unique taste if they’re not consumed quickly enough, an issue you won’t find with coffee that is pre-ground.

The trade-off you get with pre-ground coffee though is that you might lose some of the more subtle notes and flavours that you would get in fresh coffee. In this article, we will be exploring what pre-ground coffee is and whether it is truly such a bad thing to use it like many coffee enthusiasts would have you believe. Let’s start by clearing up exactly what we mean by pre-ground coffee.

Why pre-ground coffee?

Pre-ground coffee is the type of coffee you buy that can instantly be used in a brew without you having to grind the beans yourself first. This is helpful for those who are new to coffee and want to experiment with different flavours but aren’t quite ready to risk buying beans just yet. Pre ground coffee is a convenient solution for you to enjoy a cup of coffee without any hassle.

Is pre-ground coffee good or bad to use?

Pre-ground coffee can come with some negative connotations, often unjustly, but if you’re a coffee enthusiast who enjoys the strong flavours of the beans, pre-ground coffee probably won’t be right for you. Ground coffee extracts quicker because more of the bean is in contact with the water. Having an insight into extraction is key to balancing the good points and bad of pre-ground coffee.

Coffee that is exposed to oxygen for a while starts to oxidise. It happens even quicker after the beans have been ground and a lot of the valuable flavours and aromas are released. If all of the desired qualities in coffee is lost, it often makes for an old tasting brew. Also, ground coffee beans are more at risk to moisture. The important oils that make up the flavour are impacted if roasted coffee gets wet. It is all of these factors that have led to pre-ground coffee not having the best reputation amongst coffee fans.

Can pre-ground coffee be kept tasting fresh?

Even though nothing can be done to prevent coffee from oxidising, whether using fresh beans or pre-ground coffeethere are ways to slow it down. Coffee is best stored in vacuum-sealed containers in a cupboard that won’t let in any sun. This is to reduce environmental factors degrading it, mainly light, air, and severe hot or cold temperatures.

Fresh ground vs pre ground coffee

We have seen a lot of reasons why pre-ground often isn’t the best type of coffee to use, but to balance that, grinding your beans from fresh isn’t always the right option for every consumer either. If you’re new to coffee grinding and use the wrong type of tool for the job, you will end up with an uneven grind. This might not sound like a big problem, but it can in fact mean the coffee will dissolve into the water at different speeds and ultimately tarnish the flavour of the brew.

By contrast, using a good quality and reputable grinder will allow you to create a grind in which all the coffee is the same size and extracts properly. This gives you more control over the flavours and the ability to find the perfect brew for you to recreate whenever you fancy a coffee. So, it might come down to your preferences and lifestyle whether you choose to go for fresh coffee or pre-ground coffee.

Can pre-ground coffee be better than fresh?

Without the right grinder and time to commit to accurately grinding your beans, buying pre-ground might be the better option for you. All you need to do is store it the right way and you could a nicer brew than if you had used fresh ground beans. Plus, it will be much quicker and easier to use ready to brew coffee if you’re in a rush and don’t have long enough to grind your own beans.

The verdict

It might be an established rule that freshly ground coffee is always better than pre-ground, but this is taking the assumption that the two are ground in the same way. There are some cases where pre-ground coffee may be the right option for you and that’s ok. Whether you’re looking to buy pre-ground coffee or whole beans, you can fulfil all your coffee needs with the help of Pumphreys coffee. Explore our wide range today and find the perfect blend for your taste preferences.