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What is Ipanema Coffee?


What is Ipanema Coffee?

Posted by Pumphreys Coffee ,31st May 2023
What is Ipanema Coffee?

Ipanema coffee is a luxury line of Brazilian coffee with a variety of tastes. It’s defined by mild chocolate notes and strong nutty flavours. While Ipanema coffee’s general acidity is low, it sports a pleasing citric aftertaste that brings a contrast to the coffee. Brazilian coffee has a reputation as one of the most high-quality coffee varieties and Ipanema doesn’t disappoint.

Due to the honey method used in the pulping and drying of Ipanema coffee beans, it produces a thick creamy body.This method removes the skin and pulp removed from the fruit as normal. However, it doesn’t wash the fruit’s sticky outer layer when drying.

Where does Ipanema Coffee come from?

Ipanema coffee is a single origin coffee. It gets its name from the estate in Brazil where it’s grown. Located in the Sul de Minas region, the coffee production is spread over five main farms. These cover a total area of over 4500 hectares. Unsurprisingly, 70% of the land in the Sul de Minas region is used for coffee farming and production.

The Ipanema estate dates to1969 and still operates today. Its coffees are sold in more than 25 countries worldwide.Companies involved in coffee production are a major source of economic growth in Brazil. Ipanema employs as many as 2,000 workers during busy seasons, providing lodging, medical plans and staple foods. As well as coffee efforts, Ipanema uses conservation land for the sustainable cultivation of Eucalyptus trees. In Brazil Eucalyptus trees are a natural fuel source which, among other things, can be used in the coffee drying process.

Ipanema coffee beans, called Catuai, are a hybrid varietal that combine Mundo Novo and Caturra. It was created in the 1950’s to produce a tree with short branches that would retain fruit in changing weather conditions. Ipanema coffee beans are usually harvested between May and August.

Recommendations for Ipanema Coffee

Ipanema coffee has complex flavours that should be allowed to stand out. For this reason, we recommend using an AeroPress, Chemex, or V60 filter. While these methods differ in how they produce a cup of coffee, they all ensure you’ll get a clean brew. This helps accentuate the sweet, nutty and buttery characteristics of Ipanema coffee.

Where can I buy Ipanema Coffee?

Ipanema coffee has been stocked by Pumphrey’s coffee since November 2012. Where it started off as one of our coffees of the month, it’s now regularly stocked in our stores and online.

Brazil is the largest exporter of coffee in the world and Ipanema is one of our favourites. See how our other customers’ rate Ipanema Coffee.