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Pumphreys Coffee – Introducing Our New Website


Pumphreys Coffee – Introducing Our New Website

Posted by Pumphreys Coffee ,6th Jan 2021
Pumphreys Coffee – Introducing Our New Website

We are proud to launch our new website for 2021!

We are one of the oldest coffee roasters and wholesalers in the UK having started as far back as 1750! Of course, over these 270 years our business and the coffee supply industry as a whole has seen many changes, with perhaps the biggest right now during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the last 10 months we have all been forced to change the way we live and work due to the risks of catching and spreading this awful virus. As our customers shops closed, as indeed did our own, we moved to being, at least during the full lockdowns a fully online retailer.

With the spotlight for all our sales activities now at times 100% online, we decided it was time to show our website some love, give it a fresh new look and new coat of paint etc!

Our brand has always been focused on classic styling with a quality first approach to coffee and tea supplies’ retailing. We certainly did not want to change our ethos, we wanted to maintain our approachable, non-pushy style, keeping the focus on our expertise as one of the oldest coffee and tea merchants in the UK. However, we did need to walk the tightrope of modernising our brand whilst keeping the essence of our trusted 270 years old business.

So, we hope you agree that our new website keeps everything that has made us such a trusted retailer over the years. But now our customers can enjoy a brighter, more colourful look, with a clearer menu that helps you find what you need just a little bit faster.

We still offer expert barista training, when our training centre reopens, to help make sure your coffee making skills are steaming hot, at home or in the coffee shop!

If you are not sure what coffee you will suit you best? Why not try our Coffee Subscription and enjoy a new brew-ti-ful taste of something special from around the world each month.

Still can't find what you're looking for? Our friendly and knowledgeable team of staff are ready to espresso-ly help you. Please visit our contact us page here and spill the beans on how we can help you… Ok that’s enough of the coffee puns for now!