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Jan 2021 coffee of the month Cuba Altura Lavado


Jan 2021 coffee of the month Cuba Altura Lavado

Posted by Pumphreys Coffee ,1st Jan 2021
Jan 2021 coffee of the month Cuba Altura Lavado

Our January 2021 coffee of the month is Cuba Altura Lavado!

There is no better way to welcome in the new year than with a fresh cup of a new great tasting coffee to try!

This month it is the return of one of our favourite coffee producing regions, Cuba, with our Cuba, Altura, Lavado coffee.

Cuba started commercially growing and exporting coffee in the early 1800s, French farmers arriving from Haliti escaping the revolution brought their production improving methods, leading the expansion of coffee growing farms up into the mountain ranges, thus resulting in coffee renowned for its unique flavour, thriving in the rich clay soil.

The area in which our coffee is grown is called Sierra Maestra. The climatic condition and the soil composition are ideal for coffee growing and has allowed for intensive development of coffee farming in this region. The famous high quality “Altura” coffee grown there is named in honour of the highest mountain peak of Cuba.

Cup Characteristics

With a rich body that is balanced by its acidity you get a truly unique flavour characteristic.


You will taste the smokiness of roasted nuts, with hint of cocoa towards the finish.

Best Enjoyed

This coffee is perfect for your first espresso of the day to blow away the cobwebs!

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