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How to use an AeroPress for single-cup coffee


How to use an AeroPress for single-cup coffee

Posted by Pumphreys Coffee ,5th Apr 2022
How to use an AeroPress for single-cup coffee

The AeroPress is a relatively new addition to the coffee market. It was launched in 2005 by Alan Adler, who wanted to make a single cup of perfectly brewed coffee. A few years later, single-cup brewing took off and the AeroPress coffee maker soared in popularity.

At just under £30, it's easy to see why this simple, easy-to-use device has a global following – there are even AeroPress World Championships. However, if you're not yet at championship level and you're still Googling 'how to use aeropress', we can help.

How to use the AeroPress – step-by-step

The AeroPress uses gentle air pressure to plunge hot water through the coffee beans. It extracts a smooth, rich flavour without the bitterness or acidity associated with some brewing techniques.

For help brewing your coffee using an AeroPress, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. To begin, take the plunger out of the chamber then put a filter in the filter cap
  2. Twist the filter cap onto the chamber and stand your chamber on a sturdy mug
  3. Add one rounded scoop of finely ground coffee and shake to level it out
  4. Add warm water (specifically 80°C / 175°F) up to mark '1' on the chamber
  5. Stir for ten seconds, insert the plunger, and push gently towards the bottom
  6. When you feel resistance – pause – then continue until you reach the grounds
  7. Remove the filter cap and push out the plunger to eject the used coffee    

What you end up with is a small strong coffee, which you can either drink as it is (espresso-style) or add more water to make an American coffee.

You'll notice that the instructions recommend that you heat the water to 80 degrees Celsius, which is lower than with other brewing techniques. This was a specific requirement of Alan Adler who thought this temperature brewed a better cup of coffee.

For instructional videos and guides with pictures, visit the AeroPress website.

Can you make tea in an AeroPress?

It's the versatility of this single-cup coffee brewer, which makes it so popular. In fact, you can even make a quality cup of tea using an inverted method with the AeroPress.

Simply stand it upside down on a counter with the plunger depressed an inch or so, then add your loose-leaf tea and hot water. While it steeps, put a filter into the filter cap and screw it to the end of the chamber, then when you're ready, plunge it over a mug.  

The company behind AeroPress points out that your risk of spilling hot water is significantly higher when making tea this way– their advice is to proceed carefully.

Advantages of the AeroPress brewing technique

What's significant about the AeroPress is that it comes with everything you need to make a quality coffee every time, including 350 paper filters, a scoop, funnel and stirrer.

It's also lightweight and portable, which makes it ideal for transporting, whether you want to take it with you to work, on holiday, or even a camping trip.

Most other drip coffee makers over-extract from the centre of the bed of coffee, which leaves the edges under-extracted. However, the AeroPress combines both immersion and pour-over coffee techniques, so you can expect a more uniform extraction.

With an AeroPress coffee you are promised a rich, full-bodied flavour without any unwelcome bitterness – and all this from such a simple device.