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How to use a tea infuser spoon to brew loose leaf tea


How to use a tea infuser spoon to brew loose leaf tea

Posted by Pumphreys Coffee ,21st Nov 2023
How to use a tea infuser spoon to brew loose leaf tea

As the name suggests, loose leaf tea does not come in a bag ready to be brewed. Instead, there are many brewing options which tea lovers can use to prepare their cup. Of these, a tea infuser spoon is one of the most straightforward pieces of tea making equipment out there.

For those that haven’t used a tea infuser spoon before, this blog is here to provide an overview of the process.

How does a tea infuser spoon work?

Tea infusers give brewers the ability to steep tea leaves. Whether the utensil is shaped like a ball or a spoon, it will function in the same way.The receptacle features small holes that allows hot water to submerge the leaves while they’re held within the spoon.This ensures material from the leaves does not enter the brew. Due to the size of the holes, infuser spoons are not recommended for tea powders.

A loose tea infuser is far more flexible brewing tool than a strainer. As such, a tea infuser spoon makes a great gift for anyone who loves making loose leaf tea.

Brewing loose leaf tea with an infuser spoon

If you’ve used another kind of tea infuser that isn’t a spoon, you’ll be very familiar with the process below. However, for those accustomed to using a strainer for loose leaf tea, there are many key differences to be aware of. The step-by-step brewing process tells you how to get the most out of a tea infuser spoon:

  • First, ensure your mug and equipment are clean. This will involve opening the spoon to clean inside it, which can be tricky.It’s necessary, as many infusers will have some residue after use. This is especially likely with stainless steel infusers.
  • Choose your water. It sounds pretentious but tap water and even distilled water can disrupt the flavour of loose leaf tea. In the case of the former, the hardness can damage delicate tastes such as rose petal. Distilled water can lead to a flat cup as it lacks any minerals. Filtered water or fresh spring water are the best options for infusing loose leaf tea.
  • Next, boil your water in a kettle or on the stove top. Do not microwave it. You should then allow a couple of minutes for the water to cool a little, as water that’s too hot will cause the tea to take on a bitter taste.Be careful though, as water that’s too cold won’t result in proper infusion.
  • Pour the water into a mug and leave for around 30 seconds to preheat it. An alternative is to pour the water immediately after boiling and then leave it for longer to allow the water temperature to come down slightly.
  • Place the desired amount of tea leaves into your infuser. For a single cup, this is typically 1-2 teaspoons although it will vary between varieties.Also bear in mind that some leaves will expand significantly when wet. Regardless, care should be taken when closing the infuser.
  • Submerge the spoon and steep. While all teas will come with a recommended time, some liberties can be taken by the brewer. If you prefer a stronger brew, leave it to steep for an extra 2 minutes and vice versa. Infusers also allow you to stir the leaves around the mug to speed up the process.
  • Finally, remove your spoon infuser and enjoy.

Freshly prepared loose leaf teas

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