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How to make an espresso martini


How to make an espresso martini

Posted by Pumphreys Coffee ,8th Mar 2023
How to make an espresso martini

If you haven’t tried one before you might be thinking, coffee and vodka? Surely, they don’t work together but we can assure you they do and if you like coffee and cocktails, this could be right up your street. The espresso martini started life as a simple mix of vodka and espresso that a bartender in London, but over time with many refinements it became the iconic espresso martini that we know today.

Even though it doesn’t count as a martini in the traditional French term as it has never contained gin or vermouth, it’s served in a martini shaped glass so that’s enough to call it a martini. Read on to learn the key steps that go into creating this delightful cocktail.

What you need for an espresso martini

  • Fair trade espresso
  • Ice
  • Coffee liqueur
  • Vodka
  • Espresso blend coffee beans (for garnish)

Steps for making an espresso martini

Prepare the espresso

Brew your espresso blend coffee then leave it to cool. Top tip: if you pour it into a glass bowl rather than a cup it will cool down quicker. You might also want to chill your martini glasses, either in the fridge or by adding ice to them temporarily.

Add your ingredients to a cocktail shaker

Pour your coffee liqueur, vodka, and cooled espresso into a cocktail shaker and fill it with ice. If you think the martini will have too much of a strong coffee or bitter taste, you can add a spoonful of syrup into the shaker as well to take the edge off the espresso and add a touch more sweetness than what comes from the liqueur.

Shake the ingredients

Once you have securely fastened your shaker, shake it as vigorously as you can for roughly 15 to 20 seconds to give the ingredients plenty of time to mix and create a smooth foam. A good way to tell when it is ready is the shaker should start feeling cold from the ice inside.

Strain the martini

Place your strainer over your first martini glass and pour the cocktail from the shaker into the glass through the strainer. Repeat over the next glass or glasses depending on how many martinis you’re making. Straining the martini will help to get rid of any pieces of ice that might be left over and ensures your martini is as smooth and velvety as possible.

Garnish the drinks

Finish off your martini by adding three coffee beans to the top and enjoy.


Can I use an alternative if I don’t own a shaker?

Yes! If you don’t make cocktails at home very often you might not own a specific shaker but the good thing, is you don’t need one. As long as you have a container with a tight-fitting lid that won’t leak, you can effectively shake your martini ingredients. A protein shaker or a mason jar are good examples of what you can use if you don’t have a cocktail shaker.

Is there a meaning behind the coffee bean garnish?

Most espresso martinis are finished with three coffee beans. The beans themselves highlight the coffee content but the use of three beans specifically reflects wealth, health, and happiness.

What is the right roast for espresso?

Espresso blend coffee is most often medium roasted to maximise the strength and flavours of the beans. Make sure your beans are suitably ground before you use the coffee for your espresso martini.


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