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Everything to know about our barista courses 


Everything to know about our barista courses 

Posted by Pumphreys Coffee ,31st Mar 2022
Everything to know about our barista courses 

If you've ever wondered how the barista behind the counter of your local coffee shop makes consistently great-tasting coffee, then you're not alone. Our barista training courses are full of people who want to know more and improve their coffee-making skills to impress their friends, family – and maybe even their own customers one day. 

Home barista essentials course, from £49.96  

This half-day course is ideal for coffee enthusiasts who want to learn how to use their at-home coffee tools and equipment to make the perfect coffee. We cover a variety of topics from how to store coffee beans to the importance of getting the grind right.We put this theory to the test by getting hands-on with some of the equipment covered on the course, including:

  • burr and blade grinder
  • cafetière
  • AeroPress
  • espresso machine  

We keep our group sizes small to give everyone the chance to get involved. Our customers recommend this course for its demonstrations and interactivity.

Cupping experience course, from £24.95

Cupping is about understanding the tastes and aromas of different coffee. We look at how processing, origin, and roast all affect the flavour and how to 'taste' coffee.

This course perfectly accompanies our home barista essentials course. In fact, we've designed them so you can do both on the same day with a break in-between.

BSA Barista Skills – level 1, from £192.00

This course is designed for people with limited or no experience of using an espresso machine who need to learn basicbarista skills to work in a coffee shop – and of course, you'll also be able to use these skills to make great espresso coffee at home.

Approved by the Beverage Standards Association (BSA), this course covers how to prepare and serve espresso-based coffee, including:

  • setting up a coffee machine and adjusting the grind
  • foaming your milk
  • making speciality coffee drinks
  • cleaning down your machine at the end of the day

As part of your barista training, you'll be practically examined throughout the day, which ends with a short theory test to check your understanding. On completion of the course, the BSA in conjunction with City and Guilds will verify all the paperwork. You will be given a pass, merit or distinction, and your certificate will be sent to you in the post.

About the trainer – Stuart Lee Archer

Stuart joined the team at Pumphrey's Coffee in 2002, and under his leadership, our coffee centre and brewing emporium won the title for Best Cappuccino in the UK in 2013 and 2014. In fact, the Beverage Standards Association were so impressed with the standard of our coffee that in 2015 they asked us to help run their annual awards.

Stuart has been training coffee enthusiasts for over a decade, and has not only participated in competitions like the UK Barista Championships, but he's also helped to train and support other North East baristas to succeed at competition-level.

Why choose Pumphrey's Coffee for training?

If you're looking for barista training (Newcastle) then why choose Pumphrey's Coffee?

Our barista courses take place at our dedicated training centre in Blaydon-upon-Tyne where you'll have access to the best in state-of-the-art machinery. We keep all our class sizes small, so there are plenty of opportunities to get hands-on and ask questions.  

If you have a friend or family member who loves coffee and wants to make quality barista coffee at home, then why not buy them a gift voucher? We sell vouchers online for our home barista essentials course and our cupping experience