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Can you use an AeroPress for tea?


Can you use an AeroPress for tea?

Posted by Pumphreys Coffee ,18th Oct 2022
Can you use an AeroPress for tea?

If you use an AeroPress to make your daily coffee, you might have wondered whether it’s possible to also brew a nice cup of tea when the mood takes you. The good news is yes, you can use an AeroPress for tea. In this article, we’ll be looking at the easy process for making tea in an AeroPress as well as our top brewing tips to ensure you get the perfect cup of tea every time.

Quick and easy AeroPress tea recipe



  • AeroPress brewer
  • Kettle
  • AeroPress metal or paper filter
  • Coffee mug


  1. Boil water in your kettle
  2. Set up the AeroPress- to make tea with this brewer you need to use the inverted AeroPress method. Push the plunger roughly an inch into the brewing chamber and put it on the counter with the plunger side down
  3. Add the tea leaves- pour your loose leaf tea into the inverted brewer and lightly tap the sides to check that the leaf bed is level
  4. Pour the boiled water over the tea leaves in small circles, always ensuring that the water spreads evenly
  5. Let the tea steep- allow your tea to steep for 3-5 minutes depending on your strength preference, then put the filter on top and attach the filter cap
  6. Turn the brewer over and press the plunger- turn the brewer over onto your coffee mug and gently press the plunger down
  7. Enjoy your tea- add sugar and/or milk if preferred, take the filter cap off the AeroPress and bin the puck of tea leaves

loose tea

Tips for brewing AeroPress tea

Brewing tea in an AeroPress is an easy process (although a bit more difficult than making tea the standard way) and you’ll get some extra flavour from the pressure of the brewer. Even so, there are still some key tips you’ll want to keep in mind to ensure your tea comes our perfectly.

Metal or paper filter?

Some coffee enthusiasts will try and tell you that you can’t make tea in an AeroPress with a paper filter. This isn’t necessarily true, it can be done, but a metal filter will probably give you better results. If you buy tealeaves often, you’ll know that loose leaf tea is normally made using a metal strainer, so you’re probably going to recognise the flavour better. Paper AeroPress filters do work as well though, give it a go for yourself and see what you think.

What kind of tea will work?

Any kind of tea can be used in your AeroPress, but keep in mind it does need to be loose leaf. Also, you might want to alter the brewing time for different types of tea leaves. When you buy tea, you can typically find recommended brewing times somewhere on the packaging.

Do you need to use the inverted AeroPress method?

Technically, you could brew tea using the normal AeroPress method, with the filter end resting on your coffee mug. However, your tea will likely come out quite weak as it will have gone through the filter before it’s fully steeped. So, for the best tea, its recommended that you stick with the inverted method.

Final thoughts

As you can see an AeroPress can definitely be used to make a tasty cup of tea, if you use the right method to brew it. If you’re wondering where to buy loose leaf tea Pumphrey’s Coffee can help.

We offer a wide range of loose leaf teas to suit any tastes. Also, we have a broad selection of equipment to help you effectively develop your skills, including an AeroPress. Contact us if you have any questions about anything relating to tea or coffee and a member of our friendly team will help.